We bring value and solve challenges through the opportunities provided by technology

Guidstand is a Full-Service IT consulting firm that offers an optimized blend of technology solutions. We design our solutions to prevent and solve IT challenges that an organization or consumer has, such as – integrating new technologies, streamlining IT processes, improving efficiency, enhancing customer experience, keeping up with security, and ultimately lacking strategic IT planning.

We apply that same technology to tackle a variety of broader social problems that aim to radically improve millions of lives - from education, emergencies event, telemedicine to environmental sustainability. This effort helps us play an essential part in driving that change through innovative thinking and collaboration.

Our Company

We are One-Stop Technology Solutions:

Whether you have an immediate short-term project or are looking for a long-term trusted IT partner, we are here for you.

We make our business about identifying and solving problems. We turn complex problems into achievable solutions and turn ideas into goods or services that create value.

Jackin Alix Bien-Aime FOUNDER

Our Mission


We are on a mission to leverage the full potential of technology and bring it to all.

We bridge business and technology to enable our clients to achieve their full potential for those they serve.

We wake up every morning ready to tackle big society challenges through technology to build a better world.

Our Mission


Our vision is to be the premier problem-solving technology company.

We seek to create Technology solutions to work technically and for the people while creating fulfilling results.

We are committed to providing value-added products and services that ensure quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission


It is never just about the projects at hand. Instead, we draw on our core values to build trust, do what is right, achieve, and go the extra mile to support our vision and enable our customers' long-term success.

We get to know their business in-depth so that each solution we provide is a perfect fit for their business while ensuring best practices at all times.

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